Times are difficult for a lot of people at the moment, and we know that many people have concerns about rising costs. It can be tempting to bury your head in the sand when money is tight.

At Pinnacle, we will always do our best to help you if you are having trouble with paying your rent. There are many resources that we can recommend, which you will be able to find below but if you have any conerns or questions, the first point of contact is our accounts team available at enquiries@pinnacle-group.com.

If you are finding it difficult paying your bills, contact your energy supplier as soon as possible. Most suppliers do have support available for low-income and fuel-poor households struggling with their energy bills. This includes the Warm Home Discount, which provides eligible households with a £140 discount, and Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments, which "will help ensure those most vulnerable are better able to heat their homes over the colder months". These can be found on the Government Website.

The Cardiff Council Website provides help with food, utilities and winter fuel bills, and support for families. 

Breathing Space is a scheme run through Shelter, which can provide you with a period of time without chasing from your creditors. The freeze period and reason for this can vary and more detail can be found on the website. 

Citizens Advice is available in person, online, and via phone to advise you on legal issues, to help with debt, or support you with immigration or benefit applications.

C.A.L.L. is a mental health helpline in Wales, that can help support you if the going gets tough. They are available by phone or via text, 365 days a year. Please reach out if you need help.

We hope that this helps, and if you do need to speak to us, please email us at enquiries@pinnacle-group.com. The most important thing is that if you are struggling with your finances it is important not to ignore it. By speaking to people, a plan can be made which will help take pressure off you. You're not alone and people are there to help, so please do make use of these services if you need them.