Once you have decided on your new home, there are a few more details that you should be aware of to help your standard occupation run as smoothly as possible. We have divided this into three sections, “Prior to moving into your new home”, “During your standard occupation” and “End of standard occupation and moving out” so you can easily find the information you need.

Prior to moving into your new home


Pinnacle is a member of the TDS Custodial Scheme. TDS holds your deposit and you will need to log into your TDS account and request it be returned to you. If you do not have a login please contact TDS on 0300 037 1001 and they will re-send your login details. To find out more information about deposits and how they work click the button below.

For more information on the scheme, click here.

For any queries regarding your deposit, please email: deposits@pinnacle-group.com.

Guarantor Policy

In most cases (regardless of your employment status) we will require to have a guarantor. The guarantor should be a UK based homeowner and agree and understand they will also be credit checked.

The guarantor will be required to sign a document agreeing to guarantee the rent. The guarantor upon signing this document understands that they will be required to pay the rental amount if you are unable to pay your rent at any stage of the standard occupation.

The guarantor also agrees to guarantee any damages caused by yourself during the standard occupation should you not be able to pay for them. The guarantor will also be required to provide a utility bill as proof of address and will have to pass the affordability calculator on page 11 of the contract holder application pack that will be provided prior to letting a property with us.

During your standard occupation

Council Tax calculator

All contract holders will need to pay council tax when renting, unless you are exempt for any reason. Follow this link to check what your council tax band the property you are renting falls into:


Housing Benefit Calculator

If you think you qualify for housing benefit, click on the link below which will take you to Cardiff Council website:



It’s important to let us know if something needs fixing, as it’s always better to get on top of a problem before it becomes more serious. You can do this quickly and easily online. We understand that sometimes things break and a lot of the time no one is to blame, so please don't put off letting us know about maintenance. We process maintenance through our online maintenance system. So to report, track or just find out more about maintenance click the button below.

Request a Repair

We try to rectify all maintenance issues as soon as possible, but please be aware that the months of July and August are extremely busy for maintenance. Requests may take longer to grant at this time, so please be patient - we haven't forgotten you.

Reporting Maintenance

To report and track maintenance please set-up your online account:

  1. Click on the Maintenance Login
  2. Go to Would You Like To Create An Account?
  3. We will then send you an email with your account password
  4. You can then view the jobs already reported and tell us about any other maintenance.

If you are unable to report the maintenance online, please feel free to call us on 02920 640200.

What maintenance faults am I expected to deal with?

You are expected to carry out minor maintenance whilst you are at the property. To give you a few examples, if a door handle becomes loose, you are expected to tighten it. You are expected to replace light bulbs when they fail and to replace batteries in smoke alarms. If you have a blocked sink/bath/toilet, you would be expected to unblock it. For this type of domestic blockage we suggest you try using an unblocking chemical that can be purchased at most supermarkets. If this is unsuccessful then we will be happy to recommend a good plumber.

If you have noticed damp or mould

Mould is a common problem in rented houses, especially flats, and there is a simple explanation as to why it occurs. Mould develops when rooms are not ventilated when showering and drying clothes. It is not usually a problem with the property, and it is easily avoidable. Unfortunately though, it is one of the main reasons contract holders don't get their full deposit back!

To guard against mould you must ventilate the property. That means opening windows frequently, especially when drying clothes. If you do have a minor mould issue, use a very weak bleach solution on a damp cloth to wipe it down. If it is more severe, call us.

We have written a blog, with a downloadable PDF which gives an overview of damp and mould and how to deal with it. Alternatively, we can always email you a copy if you request it.

Losing your keys

We do not provide a key replacement service or call out service to let you back into your home. However, should you misplace your keys or lock yourself out during office hours, please come to the Pinnacle office at 30 Richmond Road, CF5 3DH as we may have a spare set you can borrow.

If you get locked out, out of office hours then we would suggest you find alternative overnight accommodation and come to our offices the next morning we are open. The Pinnacle office is open Monday - Friday 09.30 - 17.30.

Please be aware that all costs relating to being locked out, including the locksmith call-out charge, will be your responsibility and you will be expected to pay. This could be up to £140+VAT if a locksmith has to be called out, out of hours, so be sure that you really need to get in the house.

Water leak

Please inform us immediately of any leaks by calling 02920 640200. Below are some things you can do to help the situation.

Leak from a copper water pipe or tap

Please turn off your water at the stop tap normally found under the kitchen sink/under the stairs. If it is not there, it may be in the cellar or in the ground floor front room. Then turn on the kitchen taps to drain the water from the pipes and the tank.

Leak from the ceiling from bathroom above

Stop using the bathroom and call us. If you were using the shower or bath recently, then it's likely the leak is coming from the drainage pipe, so don't use them again. Don't forget that the water may keep coming through the ceiling for an hour or so after your bath. Don't switch on the ceiling light below the bathroom. Try and catch the water in buckets to prevent further damage.

Leak from a washing machine

Please switch the machine off. If the leak is coming from the water supply into the appliance then turn the red and blue plastic taps behind to the off position. Mop up the water with newspaper or towels.

Leak from the roof

Catch the water in a bucket. Use newspaper and towels to soak up the water.

Water coming in from the basement

Call Welsh Water on 0800 052 0130


If you find that you are without electricity or lighting then reset the fuse box and reset any switches, which have tripped to "off". If the fuse keeps tripping off then switch off all the fuses and make sure they are pressed all the way down. Then, unplug all electrical appliances in the house especially kettles, irons, hair straighteners and washing machines. You should then be able to reset the fuse box. If the fuse box is on, but there is no electricity please call Western Power on 0800 096 3080 to check if there is a power cut.


If you smell gas in the property then DO NOT switch on any electrical appliances or lighting. Open windows and doors immediately and call the National Grid on 0800 111 999. Follow their instructions and switch off the gas at the gas meter. The National Grid will come to your property and switch off any part of the gas system they think may be causing a problem.


Check the pressure gauge and pilot light. You are likely to have a combi-boiler (instant hot water and heating from the same boiler) so please check that the pressure gauge is between 1 and 1.5. If the pressure is below 1 then you need to fill the central heating system with more water to bring up the pressure. Opening the tap or valve on the flexible loop pipe below the boiler usually does this. You will hear the water rushing into the central heating pipe - close the tap after a few seconds and re-check the gauge. If your boiler is an older model please check that the pilot light is still lit. If not, follow the instructions on the boiler flap to restart the pilot light - be patient as it takes a few attempts to be successful.

End of Standard occupation and Moving Out

Before moving out of the property and to get your deposit back you need to:

  • Pay all rent
  • Return keys to us in the envelope provided* – please use one per contract holder**
  • Clean the property thoroughly (please see cleaning standard provided.)
  • Take meter readings & call the gas, electric & water company to close your account on the last day of your standard occupation (not any earlier.) You will need to give the utility companies an address for them to forward any further information to. You will also need to request that all future bills for the property are addressed to “The Occupier.”Please do not put the bills in our name as you may be charged to reverse this.

If you have paid a security deposit then you need to log into your TDS Custodial Scheme account and request that it be returned to you.

Keys must be returned on the last day of your standard occupation. If we are closed when you wish to return them, ensure they are labelled and in the key envelope and posted through the letterbox at 30 Richmond Road. If keys are returned late then you risk being charged for a new set.

** Please label your keys individually by room/contract holder where applicable (not applicable for flat/apartment rentals). If we can’t identify your keys, we may have to charge you for a new set.

Moving Out Cleaning Standard

You need to return the property in a clean condition. Most charges against contract holder deposits are for cleaning. If your property is not deemed to be clean at the end of your standard occupation, cleaners may be sent to the property and the cost deducted from your deposit or claimed from you.

The following is a simple checklist to help you check that you haven’t missed any areas.


  1. Oven, hob, microwave, extractor - clean, grease and stain free including the inside doors.
  2. Shelving and grills.
  3. Fridge freezer and other appliances - Clean, defrosted, grease and stain free.
  4. Kitchen units, worktops and sink - clear of items, clean, grease and stain free including top of units.
  5. Washing machine/dryer - clean, including the detergent drawer.
  6. Bins - emptied and cleaned out.


  1. Toilet pan and cistern - clean and stain free.
  2. Bath, shower, tiles, shower screen/curtains - clean, stain and mould free. (Shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine.)

All rooms (including kitchen & bathroom):

  1. Carpets - vacuumed up to the edges including underneath all moveable furniture (including underneath beds)
  2. Flooring - swept and mopped up underneath all moveable furniture
  3. Skirting boards - dusted and mark free
  4. Walls - no blu tack marks, tacks, posters or other markings. Light switches /plug sockets are mark free.
  5. Ceilings - no blu tack marks, tacks, posters or other markings.
  6. Doors - no blu tack marks, tacks, posters or other markings.
  7. Cupboards, drawers & shelves - clear of items, clean and dust-free.
  8. Curtains and blinds - clean and hung.
  9. Windows - glass, frame and sills clean, condensation and mould free.
  10. Vacuum cleaner - clean with a new bag.
  11. No rubbish or non-inventory items are left behind, including the garden.
  12. Bins and refuse emptied and cleaned, inside and outside of the property is clear of refuse.
  13. Beds and mattresses clean and stain free.
  14. All light bulbs are in working order (if bulbs do not work, you must replace them).
  • Please do not leave any non-inventory items anywhere in the property or they may need to be removed at your cost.
  • Inventory items must be moved back to their original location so inspection staff can find items easily and they do not flag up as a missing item.
  • Rubbish must not be left at the property. Any unwanted belongings can be taken to your local recycling centre. Your last general waste collections can be found on Cardiff Council website.


How is my deposit held?

If you have a managed standard occupation where Pinnacle is your contact for maintenance, then your deposit will be protected through the TDS Custodial Scheme, which means that TDS protect and hold your deposit. There will be a lead contract holder assigned to the deposit from the standard occupation who all communication will go to. If you need to change the lead contract holder, then let us know and we can amend this on the TDS website.

How do I receive my deposit back?

Once your standard occupation ends, you will need to log into your account with TDS through their website. They should have emailed you with your login information at the start of your standard occupation, through this you will be able to request your deposit back. We will get a notification that you have requested this and then we will review whether there are any charges to be proposed or if the deposit is being returned in full.

Regardless of the outcome, you will receive a notification from TDS via email advising if there are any charges or if you are getting your deposit back in full.

Please note that during busy times there may be a delay in your deposit being reviewed as we may have a large number of deposits to review. Please be assured that we will get to your deposit as quickly as we are able to.

I don’t agree with my deposit charges, what should I do now?

If you do not agree with the charges that have been put forward, then you can respond to this via the TDS portal. You can either dispute the charges in their entirety or respond with a counteroffer.

If an agreement cannot be reached, then you will need to email us at deposit@pinnacle-group.com so we can discuss the charges with you. Discussions regarding the charges must be done via email with our deposit team. This is to make sure both yourselves and Pinnacle have a written confirmation of everything discussed. Please send us any evidence relevant to the claims you disagree with that supports your view on the charge and we will take this into consideration. No monies will be released to either contract holders or landlords unless both parties agree.

How will I receive my deposit back?

Once it has been agreed how the deposit will be paid out then any money that is due back to you will be paid to you directly by TDS.

I don’t have my TDS login details, what do I do?

If you cannot find these then you can either call TDS on 0300 037 1001 or email them on info@tenancydepositscheme.com and they can resend these to you.