As the end of your tenancy approaches, the process of returning your keys and getting your deposit back can seem complicated. We have made some changes this year to simplify the process and that should make this process a lot easier for you.

Here is a step by step guide on what to do at the end of your tenancy:

  • Remember to clean throughout the property! Some commonly missed areas are:
    • Skirting boards
    • Ovens, fridges, freezers and washing machines (especially the drawer!)
    • Bath/ Shower Seals
    • Under beds

  • Have a basic cleaning kit with you so you don't have to worry about going to a shop in a rush whilst you're trying to move out. You might want to include:
    • A mop and bucket
    • Disinfectant
    • Oven cleaner
    • A hoover
    • Bleach/ Toilet Cleaner
    • Surface cleaner and cloths

  • Remove and dispose of all rubbish from the property
  • The last person to leave should complete a video inspection of the property. Our guide for completing this inspection is linked at the bottom of the email.

Our Cleaning Guide has a more detailed breakdown of what is required and an FAQ on the end of your tenancy. 

Returning Keys

Keys are to be returned via our ' No Contact Drop Point'. You can post your key in an envelope with your name on it through either of the letter boxes on the front door of our office at 30 Richmond Road. Please do not post your keys through to door of the office on Fanny Street as we no longer have an office there. Please ensure that the keys have been posted back to us on or before the last day of your tenancy. 
Key envelopes have been sent out to you via post and you should have received these by now.

If you are moving to one of our other properties, you will be able to collect your keys from the back door of 30 Richmond Road on 1st July 2022.


We have now changed over to the TDS custodial scheme which means that the TDS hold your deposit. As soon as your tenancy ends, you can use the code emailed to you previously by the TDS to request your deposit back. Please do not request this before the end of your tenancy. We will then have 30 working days to respond to this claim, depending on whether or not there are charges. If we have any questions or queries, we will email you, however if you have not received an email from us or an update from the TDS, it is unlikely that we will have an update for you as we will still be working through the process.

If you are unable to find the code sent to you by the TDS, please contact them directly and they will be able to provide you with this.

We may still attend the property once you have vacated to confirm the details, but we will keep you updated on the progress of your deposit via email every step of the way. All deposit discussions are completed in writing in line with TDS regulations. 

If you vacate the property early, as long as we have keys returned and the video inspection from you we can start the deposit process for you. 

If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to let us know.