Some of you may be aware of the changes to the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented 15 Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 which outlines the need for landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their rental properties. This is to support the government aim of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. As our homes generate an estimated 15% of greenhouse emissions, this step should be quite a significant part of the strategy. 

At the moment it is still at proposal stage, however it is likely that these changes will be brought in, so it is important that landlords start planning for these changes now. The proposal states that rental properties will need to meet EPC level ‘C’ by 2025 for new tenancies and by 2028 for existing tenancies. This is quite a jump from the level ‘E’ which is the current requirement and something that could be tricky to achieve for the older properties we have in South Wales. Many older properties, such as pre 1920s properties,  which are typical in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, will require upgrades such as loft insulation, effective heating controls, insulating external walls and roofing structures. 

Understandably there are concerns amongst landlords, especially those, which only own one or two properties, as to how they can carry out this work when tenants are in situ and how they will be able to afford the work. The most important thing is to create a plan and not to leave the work until the last minute. 

The starting point is for landlords to take the time to understand exactly which work is required and what the cost will be. This will then allow the landlord to plan the work and carry it out with minimum disruption. It also creates an opportunity to spread the cost too, if a landlord does not think they can afford it in one go. For example,  in 2022 a landlord may plan for loft insulation and in 2024, they may decide to replace the windows, during natural breaks in the tenancies, such as over summer months. 

The needs of each property will vary, and will need to be individually assessed. Pinnacle has realised how many will not know where to start with this process so have provided training to some key staff members to enable them to be able to carry out EPC surveys at your property, so you can start planning for the improvements needed in the future. We will visit your property and conduct a full assessment and provide a report on the simplest and most cost effective ways for you to meet these requirements.

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